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Here at Keith Stoller Tax & Business Solutions, we offer specialized cryptocurrency accounting services to suit your innovative business model.


Many accountants, bankers and government officers are confused by cryptocurrencies and their implications for taxes, regulation and the economy as a whole. If your business develops or uses cryptocurrencies, then you need an advisor who completely understands them and their associated laws and requirements. That’s where Keith Stoller Tax & Business Solutions comes in.

How we help

Keith Stoller is a crypto accounting and tax expert. We’ve worked with plenty of business owners, typically entrepreneurs at heart, as they launch, grow and consolidate their businesses. We can help you manage your crypto portfolio in a way that prioritises your goals. The legal requirements around crypto are confusing, complex and regularly changing. Businesses in this industry would benefit from having someone in their corner who’s experienced and up-to-date with these changes. We’ll help you with cryptocurrency tax, business advice and accounting.

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